Changes in PR tactics/channels with Big Buddy Program

By Frances Baumler and Grant Tarleton, co-strategy directors

Communication today is more important than ever before. Mobile phones are practically glued in our hands. The media and public relations tactics, such as social media, have become such prominent components in our lives that it’s almost hard to imagine a time without cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Before the spark of social media, public relations relied on the use of newspapers, television broadcasts and radio signals.


“The three main elements of public relations which are informing people, persuading people, and integrating people and integrating people with people are practically as old as society.” – Edward Bernays, father of public relations.


Today, public relations is relies heavily on the distribution of press releases, social campaigns and the spread of knowledge of events happening around the globe. Social media has become a vital role in the field of public relations and many companies have built campaigns entirely on social platforms. In 2013, Oreo took advantage of the Superbowl blackout and tweeted this image, which turned out to be one of the best uses of public relations in all time. The image was relevant, it generated 15,000 retweets, and it sparked a conversation. The real time response that social media offers creates more agility and ability to act immediately than forms of traditional media.

Image courtesy of Oreo

With the news at our fingertips, we are looking for constant updates on what is happening in the world. In an age of instant gratification, we want our news immediately. As the demand for information grows, so does need for someone to give it to us. Forms of public relations channels, such as social media platforms, may not be around forever, but they will still be heavily utilized until something more immediate or targeted replaces them.


Lagniappe Public Relations has had to adapt to the constantly changing tactics and channels in public relations to best serve Big Buddy Program. It is important to remember the traditional tactics and channels while also staying current. A Ogilvy Public Relations survey shows that although social media is popular, traditional media remains the most trusted source for information. Using this information LPR used a variety of each for Big Buddy.


The Big Buddy Program has great relationships with the media outlets in the Baton Rouge area. They have an active presence on TV, radio and newspaper. Big Buddy also utilizes direct mail and publications to distribute information. In terms of social media, they have Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as a blog. Email is a vital tool Big Buddy uses to engage all of their publics. It is important to utilize social media because it helps the organization have direct interaction with the public. Interaction is very helpful for a local nonprofit because it helps build relationships.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 2.36.28 PM
Image courtesy of Lagniappe Public Relations

Lagniappe Public Relations worked with Big Buddy to utilize all of their tools to best serve their needs. LPR helped enhance Big Buddy’s social media presence by making frequent posts as well as designing posts that show the program in the best light. In terms of print media, LPR has designed an invitation for Big Buddy as well as redesigned their monthly newsletter. Now Big Buddy has a great balance of traditional and new media.

The mission of Big Buddy Program is to provide access to positive role models and learning experiences to children who lack these valuable resources in the Greater Baton Rouge community.

For more information, or to contact Lagniappe Public Relations, please email us at For more information on Big Buddy Program, visit their website or Facebook.


Grant is a senior mass communications major at LSU. He loves to have fun and be spontaneous. His dream job would be to host a talk show but becoming a real estate developer will do as well.


Frances is a senior pursuing a degree in mass communication and a minor in business administration at Louisiana State University. She is a Florida native, and is naturally an avid beach-goer and warm weather enthusiast. Frances currently interns for Community Coffee Company. When she is not writing about coffee, she is taking SnapChats on her front porch of her coffee. After graduation, Frances plans to pursue a career in the communications field. Location? To be decided.