LPR’s Service Learning Experience with Big Buddy Program- Video Blog

By Laura Avilés, Writing Director

This campaigns course has given us the experience of a lifetime. Lagniappe Public Relations had the opportunity to work with Big Buddy Program, a great nonprofit that works to improve the lives of the youth in Baton Rouge.

We were fortunate enough to experience Big Buddy first hand through service learning. According to Fayetteville State University , service learning is a “teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.” Working for an organization such as Big Buddy has been a humbling experience. We were able to volunteer at various Big Buddy events throughout the semester. These events let us experience, first hand, how a nonprofit organization is run.

Image courtesy of Big Buddy

Our goal was to help Big Buddy obtain a cohesive group of volunteers. LPR worked closely with Big Buddy Program to find successful ways to gain volunteers. We hope that Big Buddy will be able to take our suggestions and use them to achieve their goal. We cannot wait to check back with Big Buddy to see how our ideas have helped their organization grow.

LPR collaborated with Big Buddy to plan Big Buddy’s annual Pre-Dancing for Big Buddy Networking Event. Since this year was the 10th anniversary of Dancing for Big Buddy, the organization wanted the event to be extra special. We were able to host the event at the Old Governor’s Mansion and it was a huge success. Guests enjoyed champagne, delicious food and great giveaways. We are incredibly thankful for the local business that donated items for our event. Their generosity brought our event to the next level.

Image courtesy of Big Buddy
Image courtesy of Big Buddy

Through our campaigns class, we’ve learned an array of valuable lessons that will help us throughout our professional careers. We’ve experienced everything from putting on an event to building client relationship. Perhaps the most important lesson we’ve learned is teamwork. We have successfully worked together as a group to achieve every single one of our goals. The last semester of college can be very stressful; but, we were always willing to offer each other a helping hand with all of our campaigns’ project. We are also very thankful for being grouped together for this project. We may have started out as classmates, but we have become the best of friends.

The mission of Big Buddy Program is to provide access to positive role models and learning experiences to children who lack these valuable resources in the Greater Baton Rouge community.

For more information, or to contact Lagniappe Public Relations, please email us at lagniappe relations@gmail.com. For more information on Big Buddy Program, visit their website or Facebook.

Attached is our final blog post for LPR highlighting what we’ve learned throughout this course and how we’ve applied it to both our campaign and our professional skills.

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