Stewardship and Client Relations with Big Buddy Program

We have always heard that it takes two to tango, and the field of public relations is no exception. From devising a marketing content calendar to sustaining mutually beneficial relationships, all public relations practitioners should focus on one fundamental aspect: client relations 

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Whether you work in an agency, corporate office, or nonprofit, stewardship should remain at the forefront of all tasks. After all, public relations essentially revolves around the fostering of relationships.

“Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.” Bill Bernbach , advertising pioneer and founder of DDB

Thus, this fast-paced, multi-faceted field relies heavily on the cultivation of stewardship and client relations. Although you may contribute an abundance of objectives, tactics and strategies for your organization, the relationship component proves to be the most invaluable. Forbes effectively outlines this in its “7 Best Practices for Building Client Relations.”

  1. Be patient with new relationships
  2. Get to know their industry and company
  3. Go the extra mile
  4. Treat every client as your most important
  5. Respond promptly
  6. Be more than an email address
  7. Always summarize the next steps


These best practices perfectly coincide with working for a nonprofit organization. It is vital for all public relations members to gain efficient knowledge on the nonprofit’s mission, respond quickly and with respect, and treat them on an equal basis along your other agency and corporate clients.

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The biggest take away from the Forbes article in relation to nonprofit work, however, derives from being more than an email account. Due to firsthand experience with Big Buddy Program, Lagniappe Public Relations has realized that face-to-face contact with nonprofits definitely adds that “lagniappe” to your client relations. By immersing yourself in the nonprofit’s mission and culture, you can identify more easily with the brand; thus, making your work as a public relations professional more meaningful.

The mission of Big Buddy Program is to provide access to positive role models and learning experiences to children who lack these valuable resources in the Greater Baton Rouge community.

For more information, or to contact Lagniappe Public Relations, please email us at For more information on Big Buddy Program, visit their website or Facebook.


Erinn Sala is currently a senior pursuing a dual-degree in mass communication and history at Louisiana State University. She plans to further her education by obtaining her MBA after graduation. Erinn currently interns for Visit Baton Rouge and LSU Executive Education. She enjoys Louisiana Saturday nights in Tiger Stadium and runs around the University Lakes. Erinn is a Show Me Your Mumu enthusiast and an avid Netflix watcher.



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